Yes-or-No: Mickey Church (White Arrows)

Psychedelic electro-pop duo White Arrows are trippy, but that shouldn’t trip you up. From a debut tour with Cults to their latest release, In Bardo, it’s clear White Arrows is on the rise. We interviewed singer and guitarist Mickey Church for our latest installment of Yes-or-No. Check out his answers below!

1. Do you eat breakfast? – Yes
2. Do you have any pre-show rituals? – Yes
3. Do you have a guilty pleasure? – Yes
4. Have you ever been fired from a job? – No
5. Do you design your own merch? – Yes, with a friend
6. Are you currently in a relationship? – N/A
7. Do you remember your first gig? – Yes
8. Do you have a favorite place to tour? – Yes
9. Is there an artist or band you’ve been dying to collaborate with? – Yes
10. Do you plan on staying in L.A.? – Yes
11. Did you always know you’re musically gifted? – No
12. Do you enjoy creating music videos as much as you enjoy creating music? – Yes
13. Do you consider yourself to have an active imagination? – Yes
14. Have you ever slept in until 5 p.m.? – No
15. Are you religious? – No
16. Do you shower every day? – No
17. Do you manage your own social media accounts? – Yes
18. Are you excited about the future of White Arrows? – Yes
19. Is your latest release, In Bardo, your best yet? – Yes
20. Did you enjoy answering these questions? – Yes

Disclaimer: Yes-or-No is a segment in which people we select to interview are prompted with 20 questions, and they are asked to respond with either “yes” or “no.”