MF Doom to Reissue KMD’s ‘Black Bastards’

Rapper MF Doom (real name Daniel Dumile) has announced that his record label Metalface Records, will reissue a special edition of KMD’s second album Black Bastards. KMD was a hip-hop trio (who name is an acroynym for Kausing Much Damage) that Daniel Dumille took part in under the alias of Zev Love X, before he took on his Doom moniker. Their album, Black Bastards (AKA Bl_ck B_st_rds), was originally supposed to come out in 1993, but Elektra Records cancelled the release, allegedly due to its controversial cover art, which depicted a sambo figure being lynched. The album did not see an official release until 2001, when Sub Verse Music put it out.

This isn’t the first time that Metalface Records has re-released the album, as Black Bastards had already seen release back in 2008. This particular re-release, however, will see the album encased in a container resembling a children’s pop-up book. Included within this picture-book will be a CD of the remastered original album, an additional CD with bonus material, and a 7” vinyl that contains the song “What a N**** Know.” It will be released on Record Store Day, April 18th. A full vinyl edition of Black Bastards will be released in the near future, too.

While Daniel Dumille would achieve more fandom and critical acclaim after the dismantling of KMD and the birth of his MF Doom persona, Black Bastards is seen as an important piece of history for the emcee’s trangression. His younger brother and fellow KMD member, Dingilizwe Dumile (AKA Dj SubRoc), was killed in a car crash shortly before the album’s completion in 1993. This coupled with the fact that his record label then refused to issue Black Bastards, caused MF Doom to sink into a depression, and he took a hiatus from the music business for a few years. When he did re-emerge, he had now taken on a new name, rapping style, and stage image (wearing a trademark mask while performing), and would go on to make several revered albums such as Madvillany and Vaudeville Villain throughout the next two decades.

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