Metallica: Top 6 Underrated Singles

When one talks about heavy metal bands, the first name that comes to mind is Metallica. Their discography is an outstanding one. They have had nine studio albums, one covers album, six compilation albums, four live albums, one collaboration album and a few singles. Their projects have been bold and risky, but influential nonetheless. Apart from the songs that have received the well-deserved spotlight, Metallica has had many underrated productions too. We list the top six of those.

Number Six: Metallica – Sweet Amber

Featuring in their 2003 album ‘St. Anger’, Sweet Amber is a rocker number that received almost zero recognition of its greatness. The reason was that the album itself was a pretty polarizing one and did not do some of the songs justice.

Number Five: Rebel of Babylon

This number belongs to ‘Beyond Magnetic’, and let’s face it, it should have been released with the mega selling 1991 album rather than coinciding with their 30th anniversary shows in 2012. It is eight minutes long but the tempo shifts and melody continue to entrance the listeners.

Number Four: No Leaf Clover

This number was one of the two composed for Metallica’s collaboration with Symphony in 1999. It has a string accompaniment which is sombre and it did become the No 1 song on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. But, it seems to have been forgotten by veteran Metallica listeners and undiscovered by the young ones.

Number Three: The God That Failed

Hetfield’s parents were staunch Christian scientists who did not believe in modern science. Both of them died due to cancer and the song was the frontman’s wrath on the circumstances. Heavy stuff, that.

Number Two: Orion

This was Cliff Burton at his best. The song has some awesome bass and is guaranteed to make you well up.

Number One: Dyers Eve

Dyers Eve was Metallica’s epitome of great music. It has a great story behind the lyrics and features Lars Ulrich at his best with the drums. It is also one of their hardest songs to reproduce and it’s a shame they don’t sing it very often at their own concerts too.