Metallica Reissues ‘Some Kind of Monster’ Doc

Metallica released a documentary in 2004 entitled Some Kind of Monster, which documented a bleak time in the band’s history when they nearly split up. Now, they are re-releasing a ten year anniversary two-disc anniversary edition on Blu-ray and on digital format, which will become available on November 24th. The special anniversary edition will include a twenty-five minute retrospective mini feature made in February 2013 by the documentary’s filmmakers, Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, called Metallica: The Monster Lives.   

The original documentary captivated audiences by chronicling the problems within the band that they struggled with as they worked on their 2003 album St. Anger. The film chronicled very personal events, from bassist Jason Newsted’s leaving the group, to the rather tender therapy sessions that would eventually help to heal the rifts within the band. It also showed frontman James Hetfield entering rehab, as well as drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Dave Mustaine reuniting in an emotional and uncomfortable way. Also featured were the auditions that led to the enlistment of Metallica’s current bassist, Robert Trujillo. Ultimately a great documentary film well received by critics, Some Kind of Monster was accoladed and even received Best Documentary at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Along with the reissued version of Some Kind of Monster, the band will be releasing a limited edition 12-inch single of “Lords of Summer,” which is the song they debuted while on tour this year. The vinyl will only be available on Black Friday, November 28th on the band’s website and at indie retailers as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday Event. On the A side will be the first take studio version of “Lords of Summer” with a live edition of the song recorded by the band in Rome this past summer. The B side will have just a laser etching of Metallica’s signature “M” logo. Earlier this year, the band was awarded a place in the Guinness World Records 2015 edition for being the first to tour all seven continents within one year. Last week they announced that they plan to release twenty-seven new albums of every concert they played while on tour this year by the end of December in celebration of their tenth anniversary as well.