Mental Bend – Take My Hand

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Mental Bend’s music video for “Take My Hand” follows an animated jellyfish on its journey out of the ocean, and up into outer space. Floating and undulating near triangles, the jellyfish keeps moving to the beat of the band’s song. The triangles begin to burst and streams of an inky black rush upwards, as if racing the jellyfish. The tendrils of black ink then explode, forming what look like Rorschach tests reaching for the jellyfish, trying to over take it. The poor animated jellyfish swims for its life, shooting upwards higher and higher, from side to side until it reaches the surface of the water. There it hovers for a moment, before breaking through the water surface, just narrowly escaping the long arms of the Rorschach test images. It propels itself up past the clouds, which are pulsing in time to the music as well. Suddenly our little fellow is in the night sky, where hundreds of little stars hang twinkling. The jellyfish does a little victory dance in a circle, but the Rorschach tests are close behind, made of white ink now, visible in the night sky. Watch for yourself to see if the jellyfish makes it.   

Song by Mental Bend
Video by Vanessa Stachel and Sascha May