Mendetz – Plasticine

The disorienting auto tune-esq sounds that start off the track to the video for “Plasticine” by Mendetz are disorienting and almost unpleasant to hear, which puts the viewer in the same sort of mindset as the man on screen wearing a business suit that appears to have washed up on the shore of an island. What appears to be a native boy immediately meets him on the beach, and starts to teach him things – introduces him to other natives of the island, shows him to hunt game, etc. He also specifically points the only female in the group out and says that she is his – unfortunately, he starts to show an interest in her, and she keeps returning his looks as well. He makes an advance, but she backs off, and its because of the leader of the tribe; so the man, still wearing parts of the business suit, kills him and then he drags the woman off once he tells her what he did.