Men Hear Puppy Crying From Underground, Completely Baffled With What Comes Out When They Start Digging

There are many wonderful and dedicated humans out there that go out of their way to rescue helpless animals. Thanks to these wonderful souls, there are hundreds of animals that get rescued that otherwise would have been left abandoned. When Michigan was hit by a terrible storm, Michigan Humane Society workers got a call about some puppies that were in danger. They decided to scope out the scene and help immediately, however, they had no idea what they had just signed up for…

20. Hard Work

Being an animal rescuer is both a super fulfilling and stressful job. On one hand, you’re helping to rescue poor, helpless animals. On the other hand, you can be called into work at any moment! That’s the lesson that a few rescuers for the Humane Society learned…

19. Two Workers

Animal rescue workers, Chris and Pam, of the Michigan Humane Society, have been in some pretty intense rescue situations. After all, it’s part of the territory with the job. However, no job that they had ever come across before could prepare them for what they faced in 2017.

18. Flooding

You see, the state of Michigan had been experiencing unseasonal rainfall all throughout the summer. The rainfall caused a ton of flash-flooding that impacted the entire state. Everyone was in need of some help during this tragedy…

17. Serious Phone Call

With all of the intense flooding happening, rescue workers were especially distraught when they got a serious phone call. The call alerted them to 12 dogs, 11 puppies, and their mother that all were in need of rescuing. The rescuers had no idea what kind of situation they would be getting into!

16. Facebook Stream

The rescuers decided that they would livestream their rescue on Facebook. They wanted to be able to give everyone a “unique opportunity to show people what their support makes possible, and what [they] do every day.” However, nothing could have prepared them for what happened next…

15. Heartbreaking Scene

When Chris and Pam finally arrived to the area they were heartbroken by what they discovered. It seems that the mother had been separated from her puppies for a while. All of them were in immediate need of help!

14. Stuck

It seems that the 11 puppies were stuck inside of a hole. The rescuers assumed that the mother dog had placed the puppies inside of the hole to keep them safe from the rain. However, this raised a real problem for the rescuers.

13. In Danger

Although the mother dog was trying to help save her puppies, she unknowingly placed them in more danger. The rescuers saw that the water was beginning to rise more and more in the hole. Now the water levels were rising and it was about to drown them all!

12. Setting A Trap

In order to get quick access to the hole, the rescuers decided to set up a trap to distract the mother dog. Once the mother dog was distracted enough, Chris got down on his hands and knees to see if he could reach the puppies. However, it wouldn’t be that easy…

11. Deep In The Hole

As Chris was on his hands and knees he could hear the puppies whimpering. However, he soon realized that the puppies were deeper inside of the hole than either of them expected. This was going to pose a huge challenge in getting them out.

10. First Three

As Chris reached into the hole, he was able to easily retrieve the first three puppies without a problem. However, as he continued to reach in he realized that the other puppies were completely out of reach. Pam took the three rescued puppies to the van while Chris began to think of a new idea.

9. Digging

Chris decided that he would continue to dig into the hole in order to attempt to reach the other puppies. However, he had to be very careful not to dig too quickly so that he wouldn’t accidentally hurt the puppies. He still had to act quickly though since the water was filling up quick.

8. Talking Them Out

As Chris continued to dig and dig he could feel himself getting closer to the puppies. In order to try and get them out, he began to talk to them to try and soothe them. In the video you can hear Chris saying, “Hi guys, it’s your Uncle Chris, come out and play.”

7. Puppy Food

Chris then began to use puppy food as a way to lure the puppies out. He was lucky enough to get five of the puppies to come out. However, there was still three more puppies inside that weren’t budging but they were making quite a lot of noise.

6. Three More

Chris was lucky enough to remove the five puppies, but alas there were still three loud ones crying inside the hole. At this point Chris knew that he had to intervene. He went in as deep as he could into the hole and pulled out the three puppies safely!

5. Successful Rescue

Finally, all of the puppies shad been rescued and saved from being drowned. The mother dog especially appeared to be grateful to the rescuers for saving her babies. Pam and Chris then brought all of the over to the shelter to be cleaned and taken care of.

4. Viral Video

The livestream of the rescue quickly became a viral sensation on Facebook. Everyone was so curious about what had happened to the puppies after the rescue. In fact, there were hundreds of applications that came in for the puppies.

3. 12 Families

Soon enough, twelve lucky hand-picked families lined up to adopt their pups. The Humane Society decided to film everyone’s reaction to seeing their pup for the first time. It was quite the heartwarming moment!

2. So Happy

All of the families were so happy to finally be introduced to their new puppies! It was a heartwarming moment for everyone involved. Even the mother dog, Raina, found a new forever home with a family that will love her.

1. Sharing The Story

The Humane Society decided to share the story so that they could showcase all of the amazing work they do. Thanks to them sharing the story they were also able to find every single one of a dogs a loving new home!