Men: 7 Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without

With the demands of today’s society, we should never leave home without certain essentials. Men are required to multitask and take on many duties throughout any given day that require our time. Of course, time is precious, which means we can’t waste it going back and forth to our homes grabbing stuff. For this reason alone, you should always leave your crib prepared to “carpe diem!” (For those of you who don’t know, that means “seize the day.”) Here are seven items you should never leave home without if you wish to maximize your readiness for any situation.

Number Seven: A pack of gum. This is for if, and eventually when, you get smitten by a serious case of dragon breath. Having a pack of gum in your car or suitcase is crucial.

Number Six: An extra pair of shoes. Depending on your lifestyle, the type of shoe you need will vary. That’s not important, though. What is important is that you keep a pair in your car just in case the shoes you have on get dirty. A good first impression is a lasting one.

Number Five: A tie. If you wear a suit to work every day, then you should have an extra tie with you just in case you spill that day’s lunch on it. Hey, you never know.

Number Four: Condoms. Always, and I mean always, use protection. There’s no excuse as to why you should not have at least two with you at all times, guys. Responsibility is sexy.

Number Three: Headphones. If you’ve ever gotten to the gym and realized you forgot your headphones, then you know why this item is on the list. Leave an extra pair in your gym bag or glove compartment just in case.

Number Two: Cologne. Good hygiene is an essential aspect of our lives. Your smell greatly influences the impact you leave on the people with whom you come in contact. With that being said, always carry a bottle of designer cologne or spray. You never know when you may need to refresh yourself during any given day.

Number One: A watch.  A watch is a quintessential fashion accessory that not only adds some extra swag to an outfit but will also allow you track and manage your time effectively. Yeah, you can use your phone for clock purposes, but a phone isn’t as versatile as a watch when it comes to accessorizing.