Memory Maze – Modern Spring

Memory Maze’s “Modern Spring” starts off featuring a close up of different types of flowers on a white background. After the high contrast of the flowers, the camera fades to a person sitting in a completely white space as well, and it starts to turn into a much more calm, meditative image. Whether that is because the woman on screen has her eyes closed and is moving slowly and calmly, as if she her self is meditating, or because of the slow tempo of the music is anyone’s guess, but the images and song work together as they cut back and forth to make a slow, pensive image. It begins to show different sides of her emotions, from calm to impassioned, back and forth, from her to just still images of flowers and plants and petals, until eventually she is covered in flower petals and leaves, as if combining her with nature. It is a very artful, interesting metaphor to watch on screen.

Written and Directed by Mark Tintner
Performed by Stephanie Carta @ Tess Management
Song by Memory Maze – / @memorymazemusic
Produced by Gavin Ellis & Mark Tintner for birthmarque
Director of Photography – Ed Reeve
Key Grip – Johnny Kekatos
Choreographed by Michela Meazza
Art Direction by Jonathan Geay
Hair & Make Up by Abi Rose Robinson
Online Edit & Colour Grade – Alvaro Barrasa
VFX by Rory McLean
Edited by Jared Houseman & Mark Tintner