Members of 2 Metal Bands Killed in Car Crash

The identities of the members of two metal bands killed in an accident on a North Georgia highway have just been revealed after that information was withheld at the request of the families. The three men who were killed after being ejected from the car were members of the Alabama-based black metal band, Wormreich. The van hit a tree when the driver fell asleep at the wheel and was carrying twelve people. State patrol claims the van went off the road for three hundred feet before the passenger side of the van hit the tree. The collision ripped the entire right side of the van off. Wormreich’s touring mates Khaotika was in the van with them along with former Hallows Eve guitarist Skully Shoemaker. The bands were traveling to Atlanta to play the final show of their tour after a gig in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Nicholas Crisostomo, age 25, Ian McKinney, age 30 and Paul Truesdell, age 29 died, and of the nine survivors, only the driver walked away unscathed with the eight passengers taken to either the North East Georgia Medical Center or hospital, and three of whom are still listed in critical condition. Many of the injured are still in surgery. The husband of Khaotika lead singer, Kamilla Hayes, has said she is going back into surgery, but there has been no other word regarding the current status of other members of either band. The driver, Sergio Quesada, and member of the band, Khaotika, is the only person who walked away from the accident unscathed.

Members of the Florida-based Kult ov Azazel, who were also slated to play the metal festival with Wormreich, posted on their Facebook page that last night’s gig at the Basement in the East Atlanta Village was going to be cancelled after the tragedy occurred. Immediately after receiving the news, the promoter of the band’s Atlanta show began planning a benefit/ memorial show for the bands until the families requested that such an event be indefinitely postponed. An investigation is underway, but so far no formal charges have been filed.

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