Melanie Fiona: ‘Bite The Bullet’ Single Review

Melanie Fiona made an everlasting mark on me with her hit song “4 am” which I remember watching on MTV like at 3:00am. I was up sleepless and as I flipped through channels, this unique song came on with a female that had the most incredible voice I had heard in a while. She sounded totally different. This drew my attention and by 30 seconds into the song, I was tweeting about the best song ever made by a musician I paid no mind. After that I was so mind blown, I looked for all her music and made my first Melanie Fiona collection and I have never looked back.

Then a few days ago I discover “Bite The Bullet.” This song is the first single off her next album which will be titled “Awake.” Melanie Fiona has worked as a songwriter for many successful artists and this is always reflected with the quality of songs she delivers. They have a touch of professionalism to them and this touch is present in “Bite The Bullet.”

“Bite The Bullet” is an expression that means “endure a painful or otherwise unpleasant situation that is seen as unavoidable” according to Wikipedia. This is what Melanie Fiona is doing on this song. In the song we hear her talking about her lover who is loving two women equally. She does not have the energy to fight for his exclusivity and she doubts his ability to love two women equally. Melanie Fiona is questioning the things he told her and she wonders if he ever really loved her. She would have let him go, but he said that he loved her and this makes letting so hard. Therefore she has no choice but to bite the bullet or stop playing with a loaded gun.

This song is beautiful and captivatingly written. “I’ll bite the bullet / I’ll do it in the name of love / I guess I’ll bite the bullet or stop playing with loaded guns / stop playing with loaded guns,” she sings on the chorus. This is not your average song, it is your typical Melanie Fiona song though. It contains soulfulness and RnB all blended to produce the unique sound that is Melanie Fiona music. She is truly at home with this and you can feel it in her voice especially on the chorus. She hits the right notes at the right pitches at the right intervals. What I am trying to say is, her amazing voice is present for this delivery and it is splendid.

“Bite The Bullet” presents the perfect entrée to the upcoming many months of new Melanie Fiona music. It is the perfect delegate because it refreshes our minds and ears and gets us familiar with the glorious sound that Melanie Fiona is known to deliver. Let’s wait and see what the follow up singles will present and what the album as a whole will bring onto us.