a-MEI – Do You Still Want To Love Me

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a-MEI’s intriguing video for her song “Do You Still Want To Love Me” is a beautiful, surrealist work of art. Set in a polished dream world, the video’s narrative follows a-MEI herself, as well as a young girl who seems to have both mysterious and powerful influence over the strange realm she lives in. a-MEI’s fragile feelings of love are captured excellently, conveyed by the motifs of shattering glass and and crumbling statues.
However innocent it may seem, the video is quite eerie and riddled with metaphors and abstractions that are sure to be thought-provoking, as well as inspiring. a-MEI stands her ground in a barren valley of rubble, reaching desperately to the unknown light above as she sings passionately. Despite it’s somewhat haunting beginning, the video seems to end on a pleasant note as the camera pans outward, leaving a-MEI in an illuminated, bright white world.

Post-Production House: Hi-Organic
Compositing Supervisor: Jia-Bay Heh
Modeling Supervisor: Xiang
VFX Supervisor: Kai-Zhen Lee
CG Artist: Chien-Shun Liao
Compositing Artist: Lynn Jia-Lin Lin
Concept Setting: Kamzo Liu
Storyboard Artist: Jia-bay Heh
2D Artist: Ariel Lin, Wenzogg Chen
Assistant Editor: Way Tsai
Technical Support:  Lee Spinkee
Shooting Stage Director: Hi-Organic,  Ying-Chih Chen, Chi-Da Kuo
Director of photography: Sam Hu,  Ying-Chih Chen Cosmos
Film Executive Producer: Han-Son Wang
Film Art Director: Chih-Da Kuo
Design Production Asst: I-Wen Kao, Tsung-Che Kuo, Ye Lin, Pei-Ji Wu
First Assistant Camera: Shih-Wen Lee, Kenny Chen, Kelly Reen
Art Assistant: April Wang
Lighting: Ming-Tsai Ma
Lighting Assistant: Ming-Chien Ma, Wei-Chien Huang, Yu-Cheng Kao
Stylist Fashion Designer:  Yen-Hsiu Lin
Film Studio: Leader Asia Pacific Creativity Center
Production & Artist Management: Mei Entertainment Ltd.
General Manager: Isaac Chen
Artist Management: Johan Chung
Management Executive: Q Lin, Mo Chen
Administration: Ivon Liao, Joey Wu
Produced by Adia (EGGO Music Production)
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound
A&R Director: Isaac Chen
A&R Supervisor: Howie Chou
Production Assistant: Yu
Marketing Executive: Kun-Ta Hsieh, Sharon Tsui
Cover Designer: Joe Fang Joefang Studio
Art Director: Kevin Mayao
Assistant Art Director: Chris Cho
Fashion Stylist: June Wan and Alfred Hun
Wardrobe coordinator: Ethan
Make Up: Veeny Chen
Hair Stylist: Po-ru Wei

Facebook: facebook.com/staramei
YouTube: youtube.com/user/meientertainmentltd/