Meghan Linsey: ‘Love Hurts’ Single Review

It is one daunting task to pick one standout release from The Voice. However, if need be, Meghan Linsey’s version of “Love Hurts” can be the one single performance from the show to stand out among the rest. At the onset of Season 8, The Voice already showcased technically gifted singers. Meghan Linsey, who already experienced musical success, is a great pleasure to listen to. Her “Love Hurts” proves that, indeed, erm, love hurts.

Vocally, there is something unique about Linsey. She is able to invoke many stories just by thebreaks and rasp in her voice. She is capable of belting out notes without necessarily over-singing. She is fully equipped with the instrument to possibly win The Voice. If “Love Hurts” is the sole basis, then Linsey is already a forerunner, along with Sawyer Fredericks of Team Pharrell and Sarah Potenza of Team Blake.

Lyrically, the song demands depth and range of emotions. Nonetheless, Linsey managed to deliver with flying colors. As Christina Aguilera put it, she sold the song basically through her emotion. It is really true, because only a grown woman who has experienced a great deal of pain can execute such maturity without being too desperate to deliver. Interestingly, Linsey looks like a woman with so much joy in heart. Therefore, it is very surprising to hear her deliver a solid vocal performance with a passionate pain that is evident through and through.

Ultimately, Linsey went to the team of Pharrell Williams. However, it would have been better if Linsey went to Aguilera’s team, because of the possible girl power collaboration that could happen. If in case Linsey reaches the show’s finale, she would have to sing “Love Hurts” again. Aguilera could possibly share a thing or two about emotionally delivering the song further.

Also, Aguilera quipped that she wanted to give Linsey some songs. Can you just imagine the strong possible collaboration that could have happened between the two females? Anyway, there is always a chance for a steal later on in the competition. So, Pharrell should have a good grip to Linsey because the other coaches would definitely be rooting for her.