Megan Landry – Wallpaper

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Wallpaper” by Megan Landry is a dark, moody and ambient music video filled with deep meanings and powerful imagery. Home video and news clips are seen in the beginning and throughout the video, preparing us for what this video is really about. We encounter different children in disturbing scenarios. The little people are covered in filth, which can be seen as being stripped away of their innocence. A young girl is smoking while carrying a baby, another is dressed in military uniform and holding a rifle covered in blood. A boy is wearing prison wear and bruises on his face, while another is wearing a wife-beater and drinking beer. The lyrics talk about the everyday struggles in our society: “Tangled voices / In a town of fallen faces / Society is broken / And my soul is ripped right open / For the people.” Every day is a battle for all of us. We are to be blamed for our own actions and how we make an impact in today’s world. Global warming, smoking, poverty, and violence have always been prevalent in our society. Landry’s music is ethereal with calming vocals and harmonies.

Directed by Megan Landry
Filmed by Lindsay Ralph
Edited by Megan Landry
Outfit and Make-Up – Lindsay Ralph and Megan Landry
Cast – Caroline M., TaMaya S., Noah, Paige M., Joshua P.