Former Playboy Bunny Owns Giant Bunny of Her Own

When most people hear the word “rabbit,” they think of cute little animals that, other than the exorbitant amount of waste they leave behind (not to mention their habits of eating it), are basically harmless. However, a breed of bunny called the Flemish Giant Rabbit can be as long as four feet. What’s up, Doc?! The owner of the largest Flemish Giant Rabbit in the world is Annette Edwards. Coincidentally, Edwards is a former Playboy bunny herself. Perhaps she’s passing on the torch? The four foot-long, five-year-old rabbit’s name is Darius, and he has one son, Jeff. Though Jeff is considerably younger, he’s already threatening to steal Darius’ title as the largest rabbit in the world and is growing rapidly. Watch the two play together in the adorably weird video below.