Meerkat Fails to Premiere Madonna Music Video

Madonna fans are undeniably feeling a little confused regarding when they will be viewing Madonna’s music video for her new single “Ghosttown.” The pop superstar promised fans that the video would be debuted on Meerkat, a hot new live video streaming service, yesterday (April 7th); however, the service seems to have run into a few snags. When Madonna’s fans logged onto the website to watch the video, they were met with a blank page or a dreaded 500 Error Page.

Finally, after a deluge of queries from fans, Madonna released a second teaser from the video for the video. The sneak peek continued to tease the music video’s apocalyptic theme as an atom bomb exploded on the screen. As the video faded out, “Ghosttown” appeared across the stage in eerie lettering. Meerkat remained relatively quiet about the failed premiere. Finally, Meerkat’s CEO, Ben Rubin, commented on the leak, claiming “there were no scalability issues.” As such, fans remain unsure of why the premiere failed to occur as scheduled.

Although Meerkat absolutely failed to deliver the “Ghosttown” music video as promised yesterday, Madonna has graciously agreed to give the company one more chance to get the video up. Last night, Madonna tweeted out an announcement stating, “Ghostown Video premiers tomorrow#meerkat 10 am west coast 1 pm east coast! #Apocalypticlovesong #ghostown #rebelheart.”

“Ghosttown” is the second single from Madonna’s Rebel Heart album. She famously performed the single alongside Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, securing media attention for the high profile collaboration with Swift who is known to be the center of attention at any awards show she attends. The song has received positive reviews, and many critics have considered it to be a standout track from Madonna’s album. Thus far, the single is picking up spins on radio, and is showing signs of performing well. Rebel Heart’s first single, “Living For Love,” stalled out on radio, peaking at number 8 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles (the equivalent of 108 on the Billboard Hot 100), despite a performance at this year’s Grammy Awards. Fans are hoping that “Ghosttown” will succeed where Madge’s previous attempt failed, especially with a well-received music video.

Over the course of the Rebel Heart era, Madonna has fully embraced marketing on various social media platforms. The “Hollywood” siren debuted her music video for “Living For Love” on Snapchat, becoming the first musical artist to release a full video on the service. She also promoted her album’s release on Grindr, the LGBT networking service. The musician has also engaged in quite a bit of promotion of her own across her social media accounts.  Hopefully, Meerkat’s second chance will lead to a more positive reception.

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