Meek Mill Released After 8 Months in Prison

Thanks to Judge Genese Brinkley, and possibly the “Free Meek Mill socks Rick Ross has been wearing around, Maybach Music’s Meek Mill was released from a Philadelphia prison today at 4pm, EST. Since July, the rapper had been serving a 3- to 6-month sentence for violating a 5-year probation. He had been denied a request for early parole the same month he was sentenced.

The initial probation was the consequence of a gun and drug conviction he received in 2008. Meek Mill, aka Robert Williams, was again placed in custody this past summer after prosecutors expressed concerned over “a number of recent incidents.” The full details were unclear, but he reportedly posted a photo of himself with a gun to one of his social media accounts, which may have been related.

Meek is enjoying his freedom today after 8 months behind bars. However, his probation conditions have been reinstated. This means he will not be permitted to travel outside of Pennsylvania until he has completed various treatment programs and community service. Due to an outburst at his parole office, he was previously ordered to take etiquette classes.

Since he cannot leave the state, it is clear that going back on tour is not an option at this time. It is also likely that the release of his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, will continue to be delayed.

Nevertheless, it appears that the hip-hop artist had a warm welcome when he returned home today. A few hours ago, he tweeted, “My hood right nowwwww!” along with a brief video clip of a wild street party filled with solo cups, sirens, and cheers.

The hashtag #WelcomeHomeMeek has since been trending on Twitter. Many fans have reached out to congratulate him, posting tweets like, “Rap music might actually be good now,” “They done let my boy out the dungeon,” and “We All Gotta Pull A 2 Pac Sometimes.”

Many were amused by the first photos taken today, in which Meek dashed away instantly upon his release and appeared to be holding a joint. One fan wrote, “@MeekMill ran from jail like they let em go by mistake xD xD xD #WelcomeHomeMeek.”