Mavi Phoenix – Green Queen

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Mavi Phoenix’s latest video “Green Queen” follows the spontaneous adventures of Mavi and her insanely cool pose of friends through the streets of Austria. Her and her crew jump, dance, and sing as they make their way through what seems like a youth-filled paradise, seeming to be as carefree as can be, and having a great time together. They lounge on rooftops and overpasses in casual conversation, light bright fireworks, and dance spontaneously all while decked out in funky, colorful clothing and spreading the songs upbeat message where ever they go.
Mavi and her friend’s adventure seems to span the entire day, beginning and ending with DIY festivities. The video is sure to remind viewers of the many joys of being young, spending time with good friends, and making fun out of the small things, from taking late night bike rides with friends to playing baseball with unconventional objects (like fruit!).

Music & Video – Marlene Nader
Video Production & Editing – Tiago Liko (Liko Films)
Co-Production – Simon Herzog