Matthew McNeal – Lost and Found

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Matthew McNeal just released his new music video for the indie-folk song, “Lost and Found“. McNeal’s name seems to be gaining notoriety in the American South, especially in recent months. In 2013 he was still releasing his music through grassroots channels, and he spent the entire year of 2014 writing a new album. This particular video opens with McNeal driving in his truck, which is really best way that any true Americana video can open. Then he buys a bottle of whiskey and takes it home to drink inside his big ol’ country house. I love that. The music is really good. It is just some straight-up, nice acoustic guitar. McNeal is both talented, unique, and has an iconic image. Overall I think this is a nice spot for a young Southern musician like McNeal to be at in a musical career: the promising beginning! We look forward to seeing what he produces next. Recently, McNeal and his collaborator, the drummer Andre Black, spent 10 days recording a new track at Denton’s famous Redwood Studio. Working alongside the award-winning McKenzie Smith and Joey McClellan, our young hero managed to compile ten songs for the followup record. Texas eager to see what else this emerging artist has to offer. If you’ve ever been to Denton then you know it’s not really a nice town. The real appeal is in the landscapes and the wilderness, so if you’re the kind of person who is creatively inspired by other people, culture, architecture or art, then you might have a difficult time understanding why some musicians like this little trucker town. But if you’re inspired by the sweeping beauty of cow pastures, then you will totally understand what this genre of music is all about.

Recorded atRedwood Studios in Denton, Texas
Videography by: