Matta – Release The Freq

Award winning Norwegian artist Kim Holm, uses static and moving forms to express his passion for nature and physics in the music video for Matta’s “Release the Freq,” off of his album Prototype. The video follows a herd of deer through a woodland forest area, thanks to Magne for professional deer management. The electronic, mostly dubstep peppered with a bit of D ‘n’ B, garage, and grime, music creates a stark contrast against the majestically stoic subject of the video. At first glance, the herd of deer are merely migrating their way through the forest, keeping their watchful eyes alert as they meander through the trees. A few blocks colored solid black or rainbow flash on the screen in time with the electronic beats, but otherwise, the nature scene is not unusual. Then Holm makes use of his interest in physics, by showing a diagram above each deer’s head, and a line drawn between the ones who have their eyes and ears and sixth sense on each other. The deer bodies are also shown with a diagram depicting where each cut of deer meat is located, putting the viewers’ in the shoes of both the predator and the prey.

Released on the record “Release The Freq” and the CD Prototype
Direction, Design, Cinematography, Editing, 3D and Animation by Kim Holm
Thanks to Magne for professional deer management