Masquer – Happiness

The video for “Happiness” by Masquer starts off a little disorienting with broken up images of wine glasses and blurry blotches of color that come into focus as flowers eventually. It become apparent when a man and a woman in formal wear come on screen that they are on a date, but with lyrics coming through like “is there somebody else he loves?” it is hard to tell if this is a first date and the woman is nervous, or if she suspects the other person of being unfaithful. Eventually you see the woman is wearing a ring, so it looks like they are married or engaged, and going through the motions of acting like a couple – but as the video goes on the room they are sitting in becomes covered in smoke and fog, making it difficult for them to see each other, like an analog for them not knowing each other.

Music video directed by Victor Tarre and Marko Bandobranski