Mary J. Blige: ‘Therapy’ Single Review

Whenever there is an issue, most Americans tell our loved ones to seek therapy. This same solution can be heard from the first opening chants on Mary J. Blige’s hit song, “Therapy.” Knee-slapping, soul-clapping music begins to heal the soul and the opening words become one of the most enchanting moments on the song. Mary J. Blige is definitely presenting more growth than ever on the third single from her upcoming album, The London SessionsProducer Eg White provides bluesy soul insight into the vocals with a backdrop consisting of penetrating, vibrant drums. This single serves as a perfect follow up to “Whole Damn Year.” London sounds like the perfect fit for Mary with each passing release; she shares an honest rawness that screams through her vocals.

Recognized as the Queen of hip-hop and soul, Mary J. Blige sings with conviction in this powerful song. It takes heart to resonate the chorus, and Mary performs this aspect in rare form. The questions ring; “Why would I spend the rest of my days unhappy?” “Why would I spend the rest of this year alone, when I can go to therapy two times a day?” The chords, production, lyrics, and most importantly, the soul vocalist create an alternative to therapy in this fresh and honest story.

Once the drums kick in before the incredible first verse, prepare for the best moment, lyrically and musically. The mellow slickness of the production during the two verses is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’sRehab.” The first verse explains her feelings with “I don’t want to be around me, and I don’t blame you if you’re blocking all of my calls.” and “Been a while since I’ve been sleeping silently.” The presentation of these words works impeccably well during the verses. The magical moment happens again in the second verse, when she sings, “I care more about what you think than I care about the music / When I get cross with you, I’m surprised you care at all.” Each verse on “Therapy” gives insight into the mind and convey her story. This message is effortlessly reiterated during the chorus. 

Mary J. Blige is at her best. Emotion breathes through each note, drumstick, and guitar string, making “Therapy” a modern-day classic. The innovative sound pushes the veteran soul singer out of her comfort zone, and impeccable vocals and excellent production escalate the track. “Therapy” is a single that will reintroduce Mary J. Blige to the masses and land her directly on the red carpet next season.