Maroon 5 – Sugar

Any wedding day would be perfect if Maroon 5 showed up to make that special day one you could never forget. Who said having wedding crashers at your wedding was a bad thing; in their music video “Sugar,” Maroon 5 crash multiple wedding and perform for the bride and groom. It is no surprise that the entire wedding party was ecstatic—who wouldn’t be if the beautiful Adam Levine showed up with his band to sing you a special song. Inspired by the romantic comedy Wedding Crashers, the band is well-appreciated for this catchy song and adorable music video. What makes the video even more amazing is that the series of wedding crashes were real and occurred all over Los Angeles. It is great that the band was able to see real joy and happiness on the bride’s faces after the curtains dropped and they began to play; the grooms were in on it, but the brides got the surprise of their life. The song came in at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, making it yet another great single by this soulful, funky pop band, as well as their 11th top ten hit.