Maroon 5: ‘Sugar’ Single Review

It does not get any sweeter than the third single, “Sugar,” from Maroon 5’s latest album, V. It is a great treat to hear mellower vocals from frontman Adam Levine. Man, is he sweet for love after fighting like an animal in pain on their aggressive second single, “Animals.” This song, with its mellow production, is a breath of fresh air from the nearly oversaturated band.

Indeed, the lead singer is broken down and in need of love, pleading sincerely, “I’m right here / ’cause I need / a little love and a little sympathy.” Adam works best in his vulnerable state of mind, which refrains him from the typical male whining on breakup/makeup type records. The voice sounds clear and determined to rekindle his love. As a result, the hugely successful pop band create one of their best ballads since the song, “Won’t Go Home Without You.” In addition, the vocal presentation from Adam Levine brings a subtle touch of vulnerability.

The production elements consist of a simplistic electric guitar in the background and an unpretentious electro-pop synth complementing the song’s chorus. The band, renewed in their sound, bring a quality reminiscent of their earlier work. Interestingly enough, this record would fit right in on the album, Songs About Jane.

Maroon 5 return with open arms to their musical roots on “Sugar,” continuing their LP’s single success. The instant hook, “Sugar / Yes, please / Won’t you come and put it down on me,” will constantly remain on repeat for months to come. The sweet tooth will need an immediate filling after tasting this “Sugar” on numerous occasions. This song is a valid reason Maroon 5 remain favorable in pop music, ten years later.

All in All, Maroon 5 show a little sweet desire for love again with pop hit “Sugar.” This is also a clever single choice with winter’s arrival and Valentine’s Day in February.