Marlow – Life On Repeat

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It’s a bad case of the Mondays with Marlow‘s music video for “Life On Repeat.” We see the individual members of the band sitting alone in front of a sushi conveyer belt. Wearing suits and looking miserable, the band contemplates on life as they prepare for a timely lunch break. The song is about life repeating itself. There is more to life than working a stable nine-to-five job, especially one that neither helps a person grow nor enjoy the true meaning of life. The conveyer belt is a perfect example of repetition – it goes around in circles, presenting the same dishes all over again, just like a daily and boring routine. During their sushi meal, one reads a book, a second surfs the internet on his phone, and a third improvises drumming on plates and lids with chopsticks. These are merely escapes that take a person away from reality for just a little while until they go back doing the same thing all over again. Oh, the joys of growing up!

Directed by D.O. Blackley & Mark Fahey for Her Name Is Murder Productions
Edited by D.O. Blackley