Marlon Brando: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

On top of being considered one of the most important American actors ever, Marlon Brando is known as maybe the primary example of success in method acting – something that would surely go on to inspire future greats like Daniel Day-Lewis and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Everyone knows Marlon Brando’s name, but you might not know some of the strange information we’ve compiled here.

Number Eight: He Attempted to Recruit Christopher Walken for a Musical Variety Show

Brando wanted to host this theoretical show from his own house, and he wanted to have guests on and do musical numbers with them. He called Christopher Walken late at night to tell him about his plan, but sadly it never came to fruition.

Number Seven: Marlon Brando Wanted to Alleviate World Hunger through Tilapia Farming

Like many actors, he was an environmentalist. He was concerned about the lack of resources for humankind and thought improved methods of tilapia farming might help solve some of these problems.

Number Six: At One Point He Moved to Paris and Learned French

After playing his famous role as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire on Broadway, he used his newfound wealth to move to Paris. He spent his time in jazz clubs and reportedly slept with many, many French women in his time there.

Number Five: His Favorite Album Was Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis

He is a noted jazz enthusiast, but this was his favorite. He has said that if you want to understand him, just listen to how the record sounds.

Number Four: He Wanted to Power His House on Eel Electricity

He actually owned two electric eels and wanted to investigate the possibility of doing this. It never came to fruition, as you might expect.

Number Three: His Wife Once Put a Lock on Their Fridge

To try and stop him from overeating. He broke the lock with a crowbar and proceeded to eat some cheese.

Number Two: The Cat in The Godfather Was Not in the Script

Not only was it not written into the screenplay, it was a stray Brando found on set. Now it’s one of the most famous cats in film history. That’s it for

Number One: He Used His First Oscar as a Doorstop

It was then stolen in a robbery. Marlon then wrote to Academy to see if he could get a replacement. That’s it for our interesting facts about Marlon Brando, thanks for reading!