Marlon Brando: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Marlon Brando is almost universally regarded as one of the most important American actors of all time. Almost every present-day actor would cite him as an influence. And yet, with all this notoriety, there are surely some things you don’t know about the actor. Here’s part one of our list of things you didn’t know about Marlon Brando.

Number Fifteen: He Was in the Very Last Charlie Chaplin Movie

Chaplin directed in the film but didn’t act. It was released in 1967 and is named A Countess from Hong King.

Number Fourteen: Johnny Depp Purchased Most of His Library

His literal library, that is: Johnny Depp bought many of the late actor’s books after he died, including books on the history of the American Indian and a collection of Freud’s publications.

Number Thirteen: Marlon Brando Did His Own Makeup

He was inspired to do this because of actors in Yiddish theater, who believed that applying one’s own makeup in acting helps the actor to inhabit the role more completely.

Number Twelve: He Owned an Island in French Polynesia

Apparently it contains a wildlife reserve, and he almost created a gorilla preserve on the island with the help of Jane Goodall.

Number Eleven: He Taught Acting Classes in His Home

This is probably something you’d expect from less famous actors who are trying to make an extra dollar. But those actors probably didn’t have the same students as Marlon Brando, who taught the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn in his home.

Number Ten: He Had a Pet Raccoon

Not many people know that domesticated raccoons actually make great pets. Brando’s raccoon was named Russell and he was given to the actor by his mother. He said that they would run around his apartment together and that people loved him at parties.

Number Nine: He Invented a New Way to Tune the Conga Drum

He loved to play the instrument, and he actually got a patent on his new method of tuning it. Apparently it wasn’t a cost-effective method for companies to implement, however. That’s all for part one, but check back for part two, coming soon!