Markas Palubenka – Planet Melancholia

In “Planet Melancholia,” Lithuania’s Markas Palubenka takes us quite literally on a journey into his inner universe, one that begins outside of himself and into the cosmos. The song’s build up is brilliantly brought to life through different cosmic perspectives, juxtaposing the different textures of earth with a deep maroon planet that is similar in size and consistency, but not in color—(perhaps Mars, perhaps a dark spirit of Earth turned into red powdery ash, but let’s not limit our imagination!) As we hover over birds-eye views of snowy earth surfaces, the two planets are slowly drawn towards one another, an image that compliments the song’s echoed sound effects beautifully.

As his voice enters the song, “Still I can’t recall the memories/of what I saw in this last century,” we are brought to a solitary Markas Palubenka standing in a vast space of snow. His image is juxtaposed with a rectangular orb of light on the other planet that seems to hold a sort of life force within it. As the rhythm picks up, both Markas and the other planetary life force begin to dance, moving faster climatically as the two planets in space move closer together. What happens between Markas and the orb of light as the two planets collide? Watch the rest of the video to find out more about the universe of Markas Palubenka.

Directing, editing, CG and post-production by Tomas Markevičius
Video shooting by Tomas Markevičius, Saulius Baradinskas and Edgaras Kordiukovas
Make-up by Greta Juozaponytė