Marilyn Monroe: The Photos You’ve Never Seen

We’re used to seeing Marilyn Monroe all bright and beautiful. However, the diva was also often photographed by her friend Milton Green. After the death of the actress, Green posted a few hundred photos of her in which she appears in a completely unusual way. Milton photographed the star not only in a cinematic light, but also in quaint home environments and even on vacation. Marilyn herself liked these photos, and she believed that what Green was able to show from them was true.

Number Eleven: Marilyn Undercover. What do you suppose she’s hiding under there?

Number Ten: Womanspreading. Even with just one shoe on, I don’t think anybody would be too upset to sit next to her on the subway.

Number Nine: Au Naturel. Here she is, ready to tango.

Number Eight: Hot Water. Time to play a little Marco Polo.

Number Seven: Fancy. Ready for a night out or a night in alone, Marilyn could not look any prettier.

Number Six: Epitome of Elegance. Here, Monroe looks as innocent as ever in an outfit worthy of a princess.

Number Five: Nap time. If only we all looked that angelic when we’re ready to take a nap.

Number Four: Crocodile Hunter. We bet her matching her sandals to her eyes was no accident.

Number Three: Gypsy. Her outfit here could have us believe she either just got her palm read or is about to do the palm reading.

Number Two: Must Love Dogs. Can’t you just picture her walking these three dogs in Central Park?

Number One: Time for Bed! Oh Marilyn, we’ll never stop loving you.