Marijuana: 10 Celebrities Who Support the Drug

Marijuana is now legal or at least decriminalized in about half of the states in America. A lot of people support the drug and full legalization. Here are 10 of the most influential famous figures who currently support legalizing marijuana.

Number Ten: Rihanna

This pop star is a big supporter of the plant. While she isn’t necessarily politically involved in pushing it, her massively well-known presence is enough to help spread the word.

Number Nine: Bill Maher and Marijuana

The comedian and host of HBO’s Real Time has been vocal about his support of people’s right to use weed on his program since the early 2000s. He’s also a member of an advisory board on the subject.

Number Eight: Susan Sarandon

This famous actress admits to getting high before award show ceremonies. Her friend, Kathy Bates, also calls her a big pothead.

Number Seven: Whoopi Goldberg

This star makes no secret of her support of marijuana. She even openly discusses it on The View, encouraging parents to open their minds to the pediatric health benefits the plant can provide.

Number Six: Rick Steves

This star is known as a travel author and host of the TV series Rick Steves’ Europe. Many fans aren’t aware that Steves is just as active as a pro-marijuana advocate.

Number Five: Snoop Dogg

Now this one comes as no surprise. The West Coast hip-hop star was well known for his pot-smoking prowess long before his state California even decriminalized the use and distribution of medical weed.

Number Four: The Dalai Lama

Although this holy religious leader claims that he does not personally use marijuana due to religious factors in his life, His Holiness does encourage the use of marijuana for some. This is mostly in regards to medicinal properties of the plant.

Number Three: Jack Black

The funny actor doesn’t exactly bother to hide the fact that he smokes the herb. In fact, he’s even been seen doing it on an internet talk show with Doug Benson.

Number Two: Woody Harrelson

This celebrity has been known to partake in marijuana for quite some time now. He’s a vocal supporter.

Number One: Melissa Etheridge

The vocalist Melissa Etheridge is a huge supporter of medicinal weed, as she believes the plant helped her conquer breast cancer. Thanks for reading our list!