Manel – Quin dia feia, amics…

Manel’s “Quin dia feia, amics…” follows around a group of teenagers as they live their lives and get into trouble. They do things delinquent teenagers are stereotyped to do; stealing a woman’s purse so they can use the money to go to an amusement part, stealing someone’s car to go on a joy ride. It seems like the main boy we follow around has a crush on the girl of the group, but she either doesn’t know or doesn’t care as they continue to get into trouble but nothing happens between them; she instead seems interested in another boy. Smoking marijuana and cigarettes, stealing other cars and more bags from people, at one point one of the other males in the group gets a gun somehow. Eventually they get into trouble with the police for holding up a store, and are involved in a car chase. It ends with them being caught by the police and presumably punished for what they had done.

Director – Víctor Carrey