Man Slides Down A Rope To Save Drowning Cat, The Cat Grabs It And Hangs Tighlty Just Like A Human

When you are a tiny kitten, the world can be big and scary. Despite the many dangers of the outside world, kittens are experts at getting themselves into risky situations. With their natural curiosity, they just can’t help it. For a black and white kitten who is stuck in a drain, it could have been a classic example of “curiosity killed the cat.” Instead, a man intervened to save a life.

10. Good Samaritan

A good Samaritan was walking by a deep drain on the side of the road. He kept thinking he heard the sounds of a kitten crying. He stopped and investigated the sound. Much to his surprise, there was a cat stuck inside a deep drain.

9. Hanging by a Claw

The black and white kitten was just hanging on by its claws. It must have been exploring the area when it fell down the drain. Although it could hang on by itself, it wasn’t able to pull itself up. Thus, the kitten made some noise to attract attention, hoping for a rescue.

8. Big Lungs, Little Kitten

The water below the kitten is treacherous. It is green and murky, meaning that the kitten is likely caught in a sewer drain. It is clearly not happy to be in such a perilous space. Thankfully, he had a set of lungs to attract attention.

7. Help on the Way

The man, who didn’t give the media his name, knew he had to help the kitten. But it was so far down the drain and he couldn’t even reach his hand in more than a few inches. He had to come up with something that the kitten could grab onto.

6. A Climber

It’s obvious that this cat is quite the climber, despite his small size. The kitten manages to claw his way up just grabbing on the concrete. Kittens may look delicate, but remember, they have razor blades strapped to their claws and they are not afraid to fight!

5. A Lifeline

The man found a rope and lowered it down slowly so the cat could see it. The kitten knew immediately that it was getting help. Somehow, someway, it grabbed onto the rope. However, he seemed to struggle to keep his claws on it.

4. Frightening Moments

The rescue was crazy and nerve-racking. The smart kitten grabbed the rope and held on for dear life. But could he hold on long enough for the man to pull him to safety? Let’s find out.

3. Up, Up and Away!

Slowly, agonizingly, the man pulls the rope upward. The kitten holds on. They are much stronger than they look. But then that’s why they say that cats have nine lives. They need them!

2. An Ordeal Over

You can see that the cat has been through quite the ordeal. The drain was very wet, and the kitten’s little body is soaking wet. 

1. Internet Famous

Finally, the cat is pulled up through the drain. Miraculously, he was not injured. The man saved his life. The grateful cat lived to see another day of adventure. The video was uploaded to Instagram and received more than 500,000 views. The cat was internet famous!