Man Sees Kangaroo Headlocking His Pet Dog, Decides To Start A Serious Fist Fight With The Bully

Many times, domestic animals are coming across with the wild life and it isn’t always pleasant. That’s the story of Max, a dog that came across a kangaroo and put himself in a very bad situation. What his owner did in order to save him from the kangaroo is controversial, but at that time it seemed the only solution. Make sure not to miss # 19, #17 and #16!

20. Greig Tonkins, The Talk Of The Day


One day, a sudden event, made a man named Greig Tonkins who was from Duddo in country New South Wales become the talk of the day. The reason was that he started a fist- fight with a kangaroo. Click next to find out what happened next!

19. Putting Up With A Roo

Greig started the fight with the kangaroo for a valid reason. He wanted to protect his beloved dog named Max. Max had gotten himself in a very bad situation and he couldn’t escape from the kangaroo. Do you want to know in what condition max was? Click next!

18. Giving A Helping Hand

When Greig saw that his dog was in danger, he run immediately to help Max in order to escape from the kangaroo. The kangaroo had trapped the dog in a headlock and he wouldn’t let it go. Click next to see how the kangaroo let go of Max!

17. Approaching

When Greig approached them, the wild animal let go of Max and its attention caught Greig. At first they were looking at each other but suddenly they started a punch- fight

16. Working In A Zoo

Greig Tonkins was working as an elephant keeper at the Taronga Western Plains which was placed in Australia when the sudden event took place in 2016.

15. Becoming Viral

The incident was filmed and uploaded in every social media and due to that, Greig became viral. The footage shows Greig punching the kangaroo in the face.

14. Variety Of Reactions

The incident caused many reactions, but most of the people that viewed the video believed that the actions of the elephant keeper and father-of-two weren’t right.

13. Emma Dallimore

Emma Dallimore who was a reporter at Channel 7 News in Australia said that many people were against Greig’s actions and some were also outraged due to the incident.

12. Punishment

Furthermore, due to the fact that he started a fist-fight with the wild animal in order to protect his dog, there was a chance for Greig to lose his job as an elephant keeper at the zoo.

11. Kangaroo, A National Icon.

“The kangaroo is a national icon, it is a symbol of Australia, and the animal activists are certainly not happy at all about it”, Emma Dallimore told us.

10. PETA

Moreover, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA), told us that the incident caused by Greig wasn’t funny and people shouldn’t think of him as a brave man.

9. Planning A Trip

The incident and the filming of the viral clip, took place while Greig went to visit a friend of his, Kailem Barwick. Greig’s friend was really sick and they planned a trip in order for Kailem Barwick to feel better.

8. Going For Hunting

Greig planned for them to go for hunting as a get-away in order for his friend to have fun and spend some time outdoors. However, Kailem passed away some time after the sudden event.

7. Wanting To Save His Dog

A man that was with them on the trip said that Greig didn’t mean to hurt the wild animal. He just wanted to save his dog and to make sure that the kangaroo wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

6. Stepping In

Greig wouldn’t do anything in order to hurt the kangaroo just for fun. He was really afraid that his dog was in danger and he decided to step in in order to protect him.

5. Trying To Escape From The Roo

“The dog wanted no part of it, all it was trying to do was escape from the roo, and that’s why Tonkins stepped in” one of the men on the trip said.

4. Unfair

“There’s people on social media saying,’ I know men like that, I bet they killed it afterwards’ but that’s just ridiculous.”

3. No Intent To Harm The Roo

“He only threw the punch to redirect the animal and afterwards there were a few nervous and relieved laughs, and then we just went on with getting Kailem a tonner” the man added.

2. Bad Wishes

“ It made me sick to be part of this country when people were wishing this family and dog died, when the kangaroo wasn’t even hurt”, another hunter told us.


1. Happy Ending

However, our story has a happy ending as both the kangaroo and Greig’s dog were fine after the incident and we hope that everything will be fine for everyone from now on.