Man Helps Grateful Dog Mom To Save Her Puppies From Drowning

A video captured last year in Vietnam demonstrates the power of motherly love. The twist? It involves a mama dog. A brave dog named Lu jumps into a flooded den in order to save her litter of four small pups.

 13. Four Babies

Lu the dog had recently given birth t a litter of four puppies. Not long after the birth, the area was flooded in a terrible storm. Lu’s owner, Binh Dao Thi told Daily Mail UK that, “Heavy rain made the dog’s lair soaked in water, and it was flooded,” Dao Thi said.

12. A Hopeless Situation?

It seemed like there was nothing that could be done sense the den flooded so incredibly quickly. As Dao This observed, “There was nothing the mother could do about [the water]. But she went back to rescue her puppies.”

11. Flooding

The video shows the desperate dog furiously pawing the ground while Dao Thi uses a jug to scoop water out of the hole. Since the dog’s den is set slightly underground, the hole quickly became filled with water. Lu is very well aware of how critical the situation is – she keeps trying to dig her way into the area, but neither Lu nor Dao Thi could get the water to subside.

10. They Could Drown!

It’s hard to overstate how desperate the situation was, and Lu, ever the good mom, knew her pups were at risk. They could drown and Lu realizes that they are running out of time. So this brave dog decides that she needs o take matters into her own paws.

9. Into the Water

Acting on instinct, Lu does what any mom would do: she jumps into the food without regard for her own safety. She emerges from the hole with a puppy in her mouth. She wouldn’t be satisfied until all the pups were safe. So once again, she takes the plunge.

8. Three More Rescues

Three more times Lu jumps into the hole to rescue the puppies. Each time she brings her little ones to safety. At first one of the puppies isn’t breathing, but quick thinking by Doa Thi saved its life. He performs CPR on the dog and soon she is breathing again.

7. Survival

Doa Thi told reporters that she was moved by the dog’s acts. “There were four that she brought back out of the hole. They all survived, and they have recovered. I’m sure there are no more because the mother would never have left them.”

6. Not Surprised

Doa Thi was not surprised that the dog had done everything possible to save her puppies. “She’s originally a dog from an island. [So] she’s loyal and protective of her children.” He was very relieved to find them safe and sound.

5. Cuddling

The video ends on a high note, showing the whole family cuddling. Thankfully, the happy ending meant that they were all safe and sound. So many people have dogs and they loved watching this daring rescue.

4. An Internet Sensation

Lu’s owner uploaded the video to YouTube. It has already been viewed a million times. It was featured on sites like the Daily Mail UK, AOL, and The Dodo. The young mother and her four little dogs inspired everyone.

3. Commenters Show the Love

“What an awesome mom dog. She was determined. Oh my gosh, now that’s a true mama! God bless her, the puppies, and the gentleman who helped save them,” said one person who watched the video.

2. Intelligence

Another watcher noted that animals are more intelligent than humans give them credit for. “That poor Mother was absolutely frantic. She must have used up every ounce of energy she had to save her little ones. Animals need more credit for their intelligence. Thanks to that kind man for helping her.”

1. Tears of Joy

Others pointed out that they were totally amazed by the video and that it made them cry more than an episode of This Is Us. “She is such a great momma. I cried watching this because you can see the distress she was in, but she got them and her human kept her baby alive. Awesome video.”