Mamaku – Mardi Gras

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A drop of purple oil, magnified as if under a microscope – that’s the first image we see in the music video for “Mardi Gras” by Mamaku. With a voice as droll and soft as Nouvelle Vague’s, the New Zealand artist sings a lullaby as a thick brush pulls what looks like orange paint-thinner across the page. A hand appears with a bit of charcoal, drawing a simple girl in the middle of the colors, her eyes cast down. “Money money mine, it’s getting to my head,” goes the chorus, as the illustrator changes the platform on which the girl stands, from prisms to swirls to waves.
As the final chorus swells and brings the melody to a close, the girl is no longer standing. At first she appears to be lying on the ground, but the hand comes back to fill in the space around her. It turns out, she’s floating – or falling – slowing through a purple light show, surrounded by pieces of what used to be her footing.


Music by MAMAKU
Moving Image by LUPAVISION
Grading by David McLaren
Featuring: Tui Mamaki (Vocals), Monsieur E (synths/production), Gareth Priceless (Guitar)