Mamaku – Circus Circus

Mamaku brings the party into the wild with their trippy music video for Circus Circus. As one could guess from the title, circus acts figure quite prominently in the unexpected location of the forest and desert. Clowns on stilts, trapeze artists, and men in a giant wheel are just a few of the acts on display for this energetic feast for the eyes. There are even a few fancy special effects to add to the magic of the acts, though Mamaku uses it sparingly so not to upstage the real life tricks in the video.

As in their last video, the language may turn off some as Circus Circus spends its first half in the English language before transitioning into the band’s native tongue.  This would be an unfortunate loss on the part of the viewer, for the vocals are so smooth that those unfamiliar with French will find the language barrier irrelevant. Mamaku sings so well that they could speak in gibberish and still captivate with their voices.

Mamaku members Tui Mamaki & Monsieur E made the film in close collaboration with Sebastien Grounauer from FilmTheMusic.