Majid Jordan: ‘A Place Like This’ EP Review

Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman make up the duo Majid Jordan, also formally known as Good People. They’re most known for co-producing on Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and are signed to OVO. They released one of my favorite EPs of the year, A Place Like ThisIt’s filled with smooth R&B with a bit of deep house influence.

Majid Jordan take a more soulful and romantic approach with their music compared to Party Next Door who also has the Drake co-sign. You won’t find any harsh tales of drug filled nights as with R&B acts such as Party Next Door or The Weeknd, but Majid Jordan brings a refreshing take on the R&B genre just as those acts have. You will find that their lyrics contain overall a certain sadness over heartache and emotional vulnerability just as with those new breeds of R&B infused singers. 

The first song, “Forever,” is a very danceable and upbeat track. It opens with Majid Jordan making a melody out of “Oooh”s and “Aaah”s. The beat drops in with a similar drum pattern you hear in a lot of soulful house music. “Can’t stop the way that you make me feel, feel / Something about this just feels so real,” he sings. The production embodies that good feeling, and we understand why he sings “And you know I want to / I want to / I want it to last forever.” 

All I Do” is all about him wanting to make things up to the one he can’t stop thinking of. Perhaps, It’s the same girl in “Forever.“ “Cause all I ever do is think of you / too much / you mine / you mine / help me make it up,” the chorus goes. This track has more of an 80s pop influence and a very nice bass line melody going. It’s an upbeat and danceable song too. However, the melody gives more of a sense of urgency and frustration.

My favorite on the EP, “Her”, comes in at a slower tempo and fits in more clearly into the R&B genre. The beat is more stripped down and minimal compared to the track before that was more busy with synths and bass lines. “I got her / in the palm of / my hand,” he sings with confidence. 

U” continues with same type of production and is even more clearly R&B. The song simply captures the feelings of still being in love with someone even when it’s over. It’s simply beautiful and has a Drake-esque vibe to it. 

A Place Like This” is the title of the EP, the first single and the last track. It takes us back more into electronica than R&B. It brings more of a somber feeling compared to the rest of the EP. The lyrics tell of a place or situation that makes a couple realize they’re better off as two. 

Overall, A Place Like This tells the tale of Majid Jordan trying to hold on to one girl that he was once apart from. He’s fighting to make it last forever, but he is never really able to keep her in the palm of his hands. The production of the EP is what stands out the most. It’s very clean, refreshing and smooth. The lyrics are catchy. Although, They could stand to be more complex and clever. “Forever” and “U” are pretty straight forward and simple especially when it comes to the lyrics. “A Place Like This” and “Her” have the most depth, complexity and originality. “All I Do” falls somewhere in between with the production being the best part of it. A Place Like This is something any R&B fan can appreciate and should give a listen to. Fans of Indie Pop or Downtempo electronic may also find themselves enjoying this lovely EP.