Mahatma Gandhi: 15 Little Known Facts (Part 2)

Earlier, we brought you part one of this list of interesting facts about Mahatma Gandhi, India’s most prestigious leader of peace. Now we’re back with part two.

Number Eight: He Dressed Up at Times

Most people picture a scantily clad Mahatma in a loin cloth when they hear about him. However, during some of the time he lived in London, he used to walk around in a silk hat and carry a cane. Hard to imagine, but true.

Number Seven: He Wished to Become a Lawyer

Gandhi went to London University with hopes of becoming an attorney. The first time he attempted to speak in court, he got so nervous, all he could do was sit down in silence.

Number Six: Mahatma Gandhi Made Quite a Lot of Money

At one point in life, his income reached $15,000 a year, quite a decent sum for that time period, especially for someone from India. He was never happy with the money, though, and took a vow of poverty to set to dedicating his life to helping the poor.

Number Five: He Never Went to America

Though he had many admirers from the states, he never went there himself. One of his fans was Henry Ford.

Number Four: Gandhi’s Face on Indian Money is From a Real Photo

Usually, portraits depicted on currency are drawings, but the image of Mahatma’s face on the Indian bills is from a picture taken in 1946. In the photo, he was smiling at someone nearby.

Number Three: He Never Got a Nobel Prize

There are multiple world leaders who won this prize and acknowledged Gandhi’s influence in their philosophies. However, the man who inspired all of these prize winners never received one himself.

Number Two: He Was Almost Assassinated Six Times

The first attempt happened in the summer of 1934. The man who finally did the job was Godse, and it happened in 1948, 14 years after the first attempt.

Number One: He Spent Time in Prison

Mahatma Gandhi was arrested in 1942 and held there for two years. Three months before his release date, his wife, tragically, died in the same prison. We hope you found our list of Gandhi facts interesting and informative.