Maejor: ‘Me and You’ Music Video Review

When you have a very successful career behind the scenes, it is easy to predict an equally successful career on the main stage. Being the man behind a couple of the successful songs by artists like Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, Justin Bieber, T-Pain, Ciara, and Keri Hilson among others, takes a certain special level of skill and talent. Maejor, after working with these artists and more, is finally starting to deliver his mainstream projects. He has been at it for a while; he comes around and disappears and then comes back for a while and goes away. But hopefully, he is now preparing us for a bigger project. His latest video to the song “Me and You” is now available for the world to see, and it is pretty awesome.

The song, “Me and You,” itself is an incredible song. With handily any lyrics in “Me and You,” Maejor has indeed mastered the art of creating a unique sound. But then again, what would we expect from a guy that is behind so many big artists’ greatest songs? Making good music must come to him easily. And it is satisfying knowing that even for himself, he does not hold back. You know how the advice you give someone may not work for you? Well, if this was the case here, Maejor would not be able to make great music for himself, but he does, so that saying about advice needs to be scrutinized.

“Me and You” is about dealing with a break-up. When you break up with someone, it is inevitable to still think about them. Maejor makes this clear. In the song, we hear him singing, “Do you think about me and you?” And somewhere, he also asks, “Do you still want to be in love?”

The story board is very fascinating. The theme selected for the video is perfect because it is in a house, the safest place one can be after a break-up. Be in the house alone where no one will see you hurting since we all pretend to be strong after break-ups. Then there is the bedroom – you’ll need it and the couch comes in handy, too.

Maejor appears on this brokenhearted girl’s television and asks if anyone out there is struggling to get over their last relationship. She is drowning in heartache on the couch, eating what looked like ice cream. From her situation, the obvious answer is “yes.” Then, he tells her that with his “Maejor” (major) “EX-it” strategy, she will be over her ex is just 28 days with 7 simple steps. If you are keen to observe, you’ll see that drawing on her shirt has a girl who has been crying so much, her mascara is melting down her cheeks.

The seven steps are realistic and seemingly very practical. Step 1, Feel sad; Step 2, Bum out; Step 3, Get Mad; Step 4, Flex it; Step 5, Be Free; Step 6, Ignore! Step 6 is the most interesting part of the video. It’s day 27 now, and the strategy calls for her to ignore the ex. But she receives an incoming call from “DON’T ANSWER.” Here we see her contemplating picking the call up or not. There is one day to go, and as much as Maejor appears on the screen signaling her to not pick the call, she gives in and answers. As soon as she picks that call, you’ll be quick to understand and forgive her for failing the strategy. Her ex is Justin Bieber. Good luck getting over him. A disappointed Maejor appears on screen, and it’s back to day 1.

The video is trancing and purely creative. The story he chooses to use to convey the message of the song is originative and artistically unique. We watch videos about break-ups all the time, but there is something different about “Me and You.” The story keeps you hooked and wanting to know if she succeeds with the 7 steps but she failed at step 6. We didn’t even get to see what step 7 was. The highlights of the video are definitely Justin Bieber, the vividly portrayed steps and the well-endowed girl in the video. The entire time, your mind will be poking you and saying, “look at the insane body” on that girl. She is absolutely stunning.