Why Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Matters Greatly


Madonna tweeted that Christmas is coming early, and she is definitely right. The “Vogue” superstar responded to the leak of her thirteenth album, Rebel Heartby releasing six tracks earlier than planned. She surprised fans and music afficionados by making “Living for Love,” “Devil Pray,” “Ghosttown,” “Unapologetic Bitch,” “Illuminati,” and “Bitch I’m Madonna,” which features “Feeling Myself” singer Nicki Minaj, available for download.

The release of Madonna’s new material causes much stir online. Ultimately, it must not be a revelation because she is Madonna. It is enough reason to anticipate what she will bring to the table. She has been in the business for so long that her traces can be easily seen in newer pop stars. Before anyone, Madonna, in way or another, already did everything that is popular now. Christina Aguilera’s bravery in reinventing herself can be attributed to Madonna’s fearlessness, despite criticisms of hypersexuality during her time. Madonna already had outlandish music videos even before Lady Gaga conceptualized “Bad Romance” or “Applause.” Madonna’s stage presence can overpower Beyonce’s performances at any given time. In other words, Madonna’s fragments are evident in the works of all pop icons today.

It is no shock that the release of Madonna’s Rebel Heart is extremely anticipated by fans and music critiques for various reasons. First, Madonna’s new album has a big potential. It can reclaim the Queen of Pop throne from artists like Britney Spears who are being dubbed as the next pop monarch. Second, of course, everyone is excited if Madonna will be able to live up to the royal expectations expected from her. Will she outshine other younger pop superstars? This album will determine the status Madonna will have in the pop world. Third, 2014 has been categorically labeled as the year of women in music. Females dominated the charts this year, and Rebel Heart will determine if the Queen of Pop can follow this drift.

Certainly, Madonna does not need to prove anything to anyone. Her career longevity is enough evidence why everyone must salute her. However, in this tricky business where you must be strong at any given performance, she must be able to exceed expectations. In Madonna’s case, there should be no room for error because it will be easy for anyone to regard her sparkle as diminishing. In a world dominated by musical trash and false empowerment, Madonna only has two options. It is either she joins the trend, or she redefines pop music today by coming up with a revolutionary album that will add to her long list of iconic legacies.