Madilyn Paige: ‘Irreplaceable’ Single Review

It is very difficult to pick one favorite among the hundreds of aspirants that ever participated on The Voice. There were engaging reggae artists, powerful divas, smooth balladeers, country artists, and mostly pop hopefuls. However, The Voice was also able to produce some indie pop artists who excel not just vocally, but also in the ability to recreate an already popular sound. The outcome is an accomplishment in terms of own materials, when these artists graduate on the show. Madilyn Paige, for example, is a strong example of an artist from The Voice who is able to create a gem through her song, “Irreplaceable.”

By now, Madilyn’s audition song “Titanium” already has over four million views on YouTube. Her live performance of “Clarity,” meanwhile, has over a million streams. The creativity in Madilyn’s rendition rightfully earns her a spot in the list of most inventive The Voice artists. However, this circumstance has the tendency to stereotype a singer as a mere cover artist. In the case of Madilyn, though, her song “Irreplaceable” also deserves the attention as it emulates the ingenuity in the fantastic cover songs she performed.

“Irreplaceable” is an alternative to the many vocal acrobatic performances several of The Voice artists are known for. Madilyn showcased that it does not need to be too big to convey an emotional message. The vulnerability in Madilyn’s delivery shows a hint of struggle for survival, which is appropriately tackled to match the assertiveness of the lyrics. Again, it does not need to be so big a performance. With just the right amount of subtlety, “Irreplaceable” creates enough moods that can enable listeners to empathize with whatever Madilyn Paige is going through in the song.

Madilyn Paige only needs to work on the dynamism in her vocals. On record, she sounds really good. However, she needs to develop a striking personality so that her vocals will not be compromised if she comes up with music videos and concert performances. Vulnerability and subtlety are important facets for an effectively heartfelt performance. Nonetheless, the singer still must possess the right amount of power to be able to deliver.

“Irreplaceable” is a good start if you want to rediscover Madilyn Paige as an important artist. It’s a decent attempt to make people excited about what Madilyn has in store as her album comes out on February 3rd. People should watch out for the exponential growth in Madilyn’s artistry. It is really something to look forward to.