Macy’s: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Macy’s is one of the best department stores for customers with a craving for style and class. There are many aspects that go into making such a successful and adored store, and we are here to fill you in on how they got to the top. If you love Macy’s like we do, read on to find out all 15 of our facts that you didn’t know about this shopping heaven! Don’t forget to check back soon for our part two article, revealing the top eight best facts of them all!

Number Fifteen: From the Start. In the modern day, we often overlook the origins of businesses. We all know Macy’s has been around a long time though it took quite a while and a lot of work to get it to where it is today. The large department store we have come to know original sold only fancy dry goods, and moved its way to stardom.

Number Fourteen: Where it Began. The first store, stocking the shelves with its fancy dry goods, opened its doors as early as 1858. It started in New York City, on the famous corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue. Since this location, it has evolved into one of the largest department store retailers with the most reputable name.

Number Thirteen: Empowering Women. In a time in which people were still getting used to the growing idea of successful business women, Macy’s was busy breaking gender barriers. This store was considered to be the first retailer to promote a female to a position of prestige, as an executive.

Number Twelve: The Marketing Techniques. Within the history of Macy’s lies the origin of some of the most revolutionary marketing techniques and selling strategies. This company was the first to endorse the “one-price system”, stating that every item is to be sold at identical prices- no matter the customer.

Number Eleven: The First of Many. We can also thank this company for its innovation as they were to first to introduce many of the products we take for granted in the modern day. They are responsible for the debut of the Idaho baked potato, the disposable tea bag, and various-colored towels.

Number Ten: The Takeover. In their rise to power, Macy’s Inc. took a business venture and adopted the May Department Stores Company. They took over roughly 400 stores with the name, including some of the Marshall Field’s locations. After transforming these stores into Macy’s in 2006, they became a well-known national hit.

Number Nine: The Collection. The department store chain, primarily a nation-wide brand, operates in 45 states and is planning to grow further. In total, it is estimated that they have obtained more than 810 locations spread across those states. Don’t forget to check back soon for our part two article, revealing the top eight best facts of them all!