Machine Gun Kelly: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Welcome back to the list of interesting facts about Machine Gun Kelly. In part 2, we’ll get even more in depth about the rapper and musician who took the music world by storm in 2015.

Number Eight: He Appreciates Fine Muffins. Not just any old muffin will do for this rapper. MGK gets irritated when he wants to get his favorite muffin – which is the rare almond poppy seed muffin – but can only find the plain old poppy seed variety instead.

Number Seven: He is an Ohioan. Because Machine Gun Kelly is already a national – and international – superstar, some might not know that not long ago he was living a modest existence in East Cleveland.

Number Six: He Used to Work at Chipotle. Before hitting it big, MGK was a server at Chipotle in Cleveland. He claims to have acted like a man of the people when he worked there, never skimping on burrito fillings.

Number Five: He Parties with Diddy. The first time he went out with Diddy, it was in Miami, and Machine Gun Kelly was just twenty years old. But he says Diddy could get him into any club, and that the first night they went out they went to nine different clubs.

Number Four: He Doesn’t Like Spicy Foods. He has stated that for most of his life, he avoiding hot wings because he is scared of eating spicy foods.

Number Three: He Has Hosted WWE Events. He is an unabashed wrestling fan, and has even considered what he would be like as a professional wrestling persona. He said he would be The Professor, and that his finishing move would be to sit on his opponent after knocking him out, pulling out a book and reading it while on sitting on him.

Number Two: He Dated Amber Rose. In the summer of 2015, it came out that Machine Gun Kelly was dating Amber Rose. They dating until the fall of 2015 when he said that the pressures of dating such a public figure definitely added to their breakup.

Number One: He’s Really Tall. The rapper is a towering six foot, four inches tall.  He has to be one of the biggest rappers in the game right now. We hope you enjoyed our list of things you didn’t know about Machine Gun Kelly!