Lupus: 9 Early Signs that May Mean You Have It

Lupus is a disease which causes intense inflammation along with a variety of other symptoms. It’s a unique disease in that each sufferer’s symptoms are quite different. Here are some of its early signs.

Number Nine: Extreme Tiredness

Most people who have lupus experience fatigue. In fact, 90% of patients have reported it at some point during the illness.

Number Eight: Recurring Unexplained Fever

Most people don’t think to go to the doctor when they have a low-grade fever. If yours doesn’t go away or continues coming back for no apparent reason, you should see a doctor.

Number Seven: Hair Loss and Lupus

Lupus makes the hair more brittle, causing it to break easily. With some people, the hair thins out gradually, and with others it falls out in clumps. Some may experience thinning of eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

Number Six: Skin Rashes or Lesions

Many people with this disease develop a rash on their face. It starts at the nose and spreads over both cheeks and is said to resemble a butterfly.

Number Five: Pulmonary Problems

Lung inflammation is quite common, along with inflammation of the blood vessels surrounding the lungs. This can also lead to pain in the diaphragm.

Number Four: Inflammation of the Kidneys

Kidney inflammation may mean that your kidneys have a rougher time fulfilling their functions and filtering toxins from the body. This can lead to swelling and other unpleasantness.

Number Three: Swelling of the Joints

You may feel stiff in the joints or notice some swelling. Persistent swollen and painful joints could be an early sign of lupus.

Number Two: Gastrointestinal Issues

Many people with this disease notice problems like heartburn or indigestion. Avoid lying down immediately after meals and don’t drink caffeine if you notice these problems. If they persist, see your doctor.

Number One: Dry Mouth or Eyes

Lupus causes the glands responsible for saliva and tear production to start malfunctioning. This often leads to dryness of the mouth and eyes. Your eyes may sting a bit or feel gritty if lupus is the cause of the dryness. We hope you found this article informative, and thank you for reading.