Lupe Fiasco Quits Twitter in Wake of Controversy

Lupe Fiasco decided to delete his Twitter account after his tweets ignited a controversial debate. Fiasco also said he was removing himself from the public eye in order to “go back into the shadows.” The rapper claimed he never liked dealing with the public, and he only dealt with people because he had to for promotional purposes. The social media disputes started when Fiasco posted lyrics that seemed to attack today’s youth, and the way they view life. He posted the following lyrics on Twitter, “So let’s get paid, turn these motherf***ers into slaves/School is for lames, man, these n****s join gangs.” The lyrics were taken from his song “Lost Generation.” The negative responses seemed to get worse, the more Fiasco tweeted. 

One tweet in particular, seemed to offend a great deal of people, “F*** Martin Luther King, n***a, f***change.” The more Fiasco defended his tweet, the more hate was sent his way. The rapper became extremely frustrated with the people who were criticizing him. He believed some people misunderstood the message he was trying to convey. One person tweeted “I wish that bullet that hit him [Martin Luther King] would’ve hit you instead.” Fiasco responded, “Oh and trust my bullets are coming don’t worry…the traditions I uphold there’s only one way out.” After over two hours of tweeting, Fiasco finally threw in the towel, citing, “I’m tired.” Fiasco has had some epic Twitter disputes in the last few days. First, he had an on-going Twitter battle with rapper Azealia Banks, and then Fiasco and Kid Cudi started feuding. One fan suggested Fiasco is starting all of this controversy because his album is coming out next week. 

Lupe Fiasco’s Tetsuo & Youth is coming out on January 20th. It will mark Fiasco’s fifth studio album, and will feature collaborations from Trae tha Truth, Glasses Malone, and Nikki Jean. In an interview with HipHopDX, the rapper spoke about his highly-anticipated release, “It’s ratchet ratchetness on there. But it ain’t nothing new for me…My early records before I got known, before Food & Liquor, when I was first coming up.” Fiasco says Tetsuo & Youth won’t be a party album, and it purposely won’t be any politics on the project either. He feels like people already know what he stands for, and so this project is just about music.