Lupe Fiasco Named Music Director for U.S. Soccer

Lupe Fiasco

Photo Courtesy of DJ Storm

May of 2014 is proving to be a very eventful month for Lupe Fiasco. The very busy singer promoted his upcoming album, released a hit track, teamed up with the Stand Up To Cancer organization, and is set to close the month with a performance at Fan Appreciation day in Time Square. For any other artist this would be enough for one month, but Lupe Fiasco is not just any other artist.

Just days after announcing his mission to help cancer research the singer has been named music director for the Men’s U.S. Soccer’s World Cup Campaign. It is unknown as of now whether he will have any influence of the official song of the 2014 World Cup to be perfumed by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez.

Fiasco’s duties will include creating Spotify Playlists with his SNDCLSH counterpart and longtime friend Sky Gellatly. After meeting Gellatly at the press run for Fiasco’s debut Food & Liquor, the two realized they shared much in common in terms of music and art preferences. Fiasco and Gellatly eventually formed SNDCLSH in 2011 out of their mutual desire to create a live DJ show that would present their specific musical taste with high energy performances.

Lupe Fiasco, whose real name is Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, has been a fixture in hip hop ever since meeting Jay-Z in 2006 and subsequently releasing two wildly popular albums in Food & Liqour and The Cool. Since then his music has become staple of the dance club scene.

In return for Fiasco’s services the U.S. Team will also work to promote “Mission”, the empowering cancer patient anthem featured off of his upcoming album Tetsuo & Youth. Taking this into account, it’s a safe bet that June will be just as productive a month for the singer as May was.

The World Cup will official begin June 12th.  Fiasco is set to perform at the U.S. Soccer Fan Festival, which takes place right before team USA’s June 16th matchup against Ghana in Chicago, Fiasco’s hometown.