LUNGS – Loner

The song “Loner” by LUNGS starts off with a dichotomy – a woman dressed in white and a man in black, sitting across the table from each other. The man gets up and leaves, and the woman is almost beckoned by strange black scrawls that pull her up. She is alone with the black scrawl, which she can clearly see, and it starts to draw creepy, dark little doodles in the air around her. It crawls on her and creates images that upset her, and at times it almost looks like it is coming from her, or maybe is a part of her. Then, we go back to the room from the beginning when the two are sitting at the table and follow the man when he gets up this time. He seems to be having a similar problem with the scrawl as it follows him down the street; interestingly though, there seems to be black and white scrawl following him. The end is interesting, because the two meet back up and the black scrawl comes from both of them joins together before covering the whole screen, as if it had consumed both of them. This is a creative video that seems to be about the fears and anxieties couples have about themselves and about each other.

Director/Producer/Animator: Lucy Anne Watkins
Cinematography: Gabi Norland Editor: Ruth Hegarty @ The Assembly Rooms
Camera Assistant/Grip: Sarah Kosminsky
Make up: Inese Gertnere
Colourist: Adam Clarke @ Absoloute Post
After Effects: Richard Swarbrick
After Effects Assistant: Eva Wagner Runner: Lizzie Wilkinson Stills
Photography: Hannah Wroe
Music video by LUNGS performing Loner. 2013 Independent