LUNGS – Faraway

“Faraway” by LUNGS is a surreal sounding song with its long, drawn out notes and chords. The video starts off on the singer, who is against a white wall; she stares directly at the viewer as she sings, and different color lights are superimposed over her image. Her slow movements and the almost blurry changes in vision go well with the droning almost whiny trailing tune of the lyrics, and as the video goes on the backdrop seems to become darker and darker, so that she is in a spotlight and the background around her goes deeper into shadow, though the colored filtered lights keep fading in and out of view. Every once in a while it cuts to the guitarist in the same dream-like lighting, and shows him playing chords for a few moments, but for the most part the focus is on her. Its a smooth, echoing video to accompany a smooth, echoing song.

Directed by Suzie Blake
Edited by MC Lord Magrão
Produced by Suzie Blake and MC Lord Magrão