Luminarity – My Death

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My Death” by Luminarity is a soulful, down to earth music video about having to make choices between yourself and the one you love. Relationships are complicated, and this is no exception; we start off in the middle of an argument that seems to herald the end of the couple onscreen. Cut to the beginning of the song when the two are sleeping in the morning, sunlight streaming into the room, looking happy and content. At first, they are having fun together, going places, doing things, spending time with each other, but as time goes on, he spends more and more time on his phone, away from her. At one point she is getting ready to go out, and he comes to the door and clearly is telling her that they can’t go out, and they have another fight. She keeps getting more and more upset, but as far as the lyrics of the song go, he keeps saying that everything he does, all of the work and the time spent away from his girl, is all for her. He just needs her to trust that, and it doesn’t look like she will. The bittersweet end of the video ends with him walking away from her again, talking on his phone as the signal is lost and the screen goes black.

Director: Philon on Demand
Producer: Mizfitz Soundz
Album: The Petrelli Campaign (iTunes, X-box One, Spotify)

Google Play: Luminarty: The Petrelli Campaign