Luminara – Vida

Puerto Rican indie rock band Luminara’s music video for “Vida” is full of symbolism and double-meanings. The video is centered around one girl’s struggle between dark and light forces; dressed entirely in black with her face concealed by a mask, the dark force continuously pulls the young girl away from her desire to spend time with the light force. This internal struggle is represented by an ongoing game of chess that takes place from start to finish, where, just when the man representing the forces of light feels as though he’s reeled her in, the darkness places a hand on the girl’s shoulder, steering her away. The light force, represented by a clown, eventually resorts to coming up with a plan along with his friends to save the girl, while scenes of the band performing are woven throughout. But will the forces of light succeed in the end? Click play to find out!

Luminara’s video VIDA from their Debut Album ‘Otra Realidad
Directed by Federico Torres